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Book: Move Forward with Dyslexia

Dismiss the label, dissolve fear of failure, discover your intelligence, deserve success

Authors:Sjan Verhoeven en Gertrudie Boersen
Publisher:Create Space, 2015 (Available in Paperback and Kindle)
Price:Varies from € 14,23 (.nl) to $ 21,95 for the Paperback, $ 8,95 for Kindle version

This book is a translation and update of our second book on dyslexia, "Dyslexia: disorder or gift", published in 2012. It can be purchased on Amazon.

(Dit is een vertaling en lichte update van ons tweede boek over dyslexie "Dyslexie, stoornis of intelligentie!" Het boek is te bestellen via Amazon.)

This is a self-help book for dyslexic (young) adults, but it is also beneficial for people with ADHD, ADD, dyscalculia, autisme, highly giftedness, parents of dyslexic children and professionals who counsel dyslexics and other conceptual thinkers.

Content of the book

"Move forward with dyslexia" has been written for and about adults with dyslexia. The authors take a stand against the belief that dyslexia is a disorder. Dyslexia is largely due to a different way of thinking, which is called conceptual thinking in this book. It is that way of thinking that forms the basis for being successful and developing your own way of working in your studies or at work. With your own way of working it is possible to read faster, write better, communicate clearer and build bridges between conceptual thinkers and linear thinkers.

The book gives the reader an understanding of what dyslexia is, what causes fear of failure and how these two phenomena go hand in hand. By perceiving dyslexia differently, dyslexics will be able to better accept their dyslexia and build a positive self-image.

Last but not least this book provides simple and useful strategies, tools and exercises for working and studying better, for reading and writing faster - exercises and strategies that are linked directly to the dyslexic’s way of processing information and thus easy to integrate in their daily life. Thus being successful is not only within reach, but also illustrated by the experiences of successful dyslexics together with providing advice so that dyslexics can spread their own wings.


  1. Introduction
  2. Dyslexia: definitions and approach
  3. The operation of the dyslexic brain
  4. Conceptual thinking
  5. Fear of failure in dyslexics     
  6. Reducing fear of failure and performance drive in dyslexics
  7. Attaining balance                   
  8. Your own way of working      
  9. The secret of success
  10. Final remarks

Reviews of the book:

Dyslexic readers on the Dutch edition:

Security coordinator, 38 years:

For me as a dyslexic a feast of recognition! This book has given me more understanding for both myself as for the non-dyslexic other."

A mother, 46 years:

This book is easy to read, analytical, but also practical, and above all very positive. It is solution oriented and gives a lot of tools to help my dyslexic son."

Anonymous on internet:

Wow, this is a book I would like to have read years earlier!"

Entrepreneur, 66 years:

The book has shaken me completely from head to toe. After reading it I felt that my mind had calmed down. If I had read this book 40 years earlier, I could have done my work with much less energy wastage."

Student, 23 years:

This is the only non dusty book about dyslexia."